RBI To Release 100 Rs New Note; A Made In India Note

RBI To Release 100 Rs New Note; A Made In India Note

The Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) introduced 100 Rs new note with Rani ka Vav on the reverse side of the note depicting the country’s culture heritage, portrait of Gandhiji and Swachh Bharat logo. This is the first made in India note in the history.


Retired Managing Director of Bhartiya Reserve Bank note, Kaza Sudhakar said, “This note is designed in India, printed on currency paper made in India. The Ink is made in India and even the security features have been made by Indian companies.”

He also said that, this is a routine way of introducing a new currency note that will phase out the old 100 Rs note over a period of time.

The 100 Rs note will be smaller then the current note. So far the note shown a mixed reaction on twitter, some are liking the new colour and other few are taking this sarcastic.

Here are some features; Note’s dimension will be 66 mm * 142 mm, windowed security thread that turned green to blue in colour when tilted, Ashoka pillar on the right, Numerical panel is in the ascending manner, language panel, electrotype (100) water marks, Denominational numeral 100 in Devnagari, four angular bleed lines on the right and left side.

A micro security features has been added in the note that can be visible only under ultraviolet light.

The signature of new RBI Governor, Urjit Patel will be embadded with guarantee clause and promise clause.

RBI said, “The base colour of the note is lavender. The note has other designs, geometric patterns aligning with overall colour scheme, both the observe and reverse. Dimension of the bank note will be 66 mm * 142 mm.”

They added, “All the banknotes in the denomination of Rs 100 issued by the Reserve Bank in the earlier series will continue to be legal tender. As is normal, when a new design of banknote is introduced, printing and supply of these notes for distribution to public through the banking channel will gradually increase.”

Bank will make changes in the ATMs to release new notes to public.

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